Things to keep in Mind 

It is your responsibility to have your cans out for cleaning. The trash cans should be empty. We reserve the right not to provide the trash can cleaning service if there is:

UN-bagged trash – including excessive loose garbage, yard clippings, diapers or animal waste

Hazardous waste – including chemicals, paint, glue or other adhesives

Building materials – including plaster, stucco or concrete

If you are in a gated community, please ensure we have your current access code or Canitizers is authorized on the guard’s list.


  • Place the trash cans, which you have scheduled for service, at the curbside by 8:00 a.m. on the morning of service. If this is not possible, they should be visible from the street, and readily accessible.

    * Please attach a note if you locate the cans where it might not be obvious to the driver which cans are yours.*
     The technicians will only clean the cans we have listed on file.


It takes more work to satisfactorily clean a green yard waste container.  A cleaned yard waste container may have grass on the sides of the container. If possible please arrange to have newspapers placed at the bottom of the can to allow us to clean them to a satisfactory level.


To Indicate that your cans have been cleaned a technician will place a Service Date sticker on the top of your trashcans.