3 Reasons Not to Use Household Chemicals for Garbage Can Cleaning 

As a hardworking homeowner, you might be more than willing to take care of your own garbage can cleaning. However, many people underestimate the hidden dangers of using household products on these bins. Here are three reasons not to use chemicals to clean your trash bins, and why working with professionals is worth the investment. 

1. Cleaning Chemicals Can Harm People

  • Many household cleaning products produce dangerous fumes, causing symptoms ranging from simple headaches and respiratory distress to issues as severe as heart attacks and strokes. Some common and dangerous cleaning ingredients include chlorine bleach, ammonia, and dish-washing detergent.

  • Unfortunately, the dangers of inhaling these products are increased when you clean large, strangely shaped containers like trash bins. As you reach inside the bin to clean corners and scrub surfaces, you’ll breathe in these fumes. On the other hand, professional garbage can cleaning businesses have the equipment to clean bins effectively without exposing anyone to dangers. 

2. Certain Products Are Hard on the Environment

  • Dish-washing detergents, glass cleaning products, and surface cleaners typically contain volatile organic compounds (VOC's) that can enter the water supply and damage air quality. While municipal water departments can remove these additives from the water supply.

  • Some pollutants like nitrogen and phosphorus can pass through filters, and cause ecological imbalances in water reservoirs, lakes, and rivers.

  • VOC's found in cleaning products can also create smog and aggravate allergies. To prevent these issues, Eco-friendly garbage bin cleaning services use hot water and steam to sanitize surfaces without impacting the environment. 

3. Cross-Contamination Can Occur 

  • Since garbage bins contain as many as 411 bacteria per square inch, it’s easy to transfer their germs to the inside of your home on the cleaning bottles, scrub brushes, and buckets you use to tidy up.

  • However, letting professionals take care of the job will prevent bacterial transmission, keeping your home cleaner and your family safer.